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My name is Simona and I live in London, UK, with my sisters, a lovely landlady, her pup and a crazy cat.

I love baking, eating, talking and writing – hence, this blog, where I share not only what I cook,but also thoughts and opinions on all matters.

While I am not blogging, I juggle a full time job in the customer service field – leading the bakery department of a cool shop – with friends, food, books and the crazy kitty I mentioned earlier. 

I love strawberries and cream. I have a new born passion for caramel. I listen to mostly the same songs since I was a nerdy teenager in Italy. I love reading. But mostly eating, even though I said that already. I am highly addicted to caffeine, just on the same level as Lorelai Gilmore – just not as cool. I sometimes never ride my bike because I am a scaredy cat on the roads. I do like walking. I hate most veggies and do not really enjoy fruit – even though I am trying hard with both. I can spend a fortune on cookbooks. And on grocery shopping, which happens to be my #1 hobby when bored.

I have a really – girly – thing for shoes and bags, alas shopping is not my favourite thing – unless it’s online!

Black seems to be my colour and grumpy my most popular mood. Until I get my daily caffeine fix which, as I said, is pretty high.

I have a wonderful relationship with my super comfy bed and Netflix, and it seems like it’s going to be a really, really long one.

On the other hand, you have Cristina, one of my sisters. She is moving to London after completing her art & design studies in Italy, in a little village near Venice. She loves animals, cameras and drawing all day long, every day.

She is a pro bread maker and has a degree in cookie eating – oh, how I wish such thing really existed!

She loves our dog, Chicca, to bits, a bit less our lovely and noisy pal Freud,  a wonderfully (un)trained parrot I was given as a present by my as much noisy mum a few years back. She is also the proud owner of a furry ball of grumpiness – a.k.a a bunny – called Sunny, a little rescued hedgehog named Aristotle and a lovely couple of – also rescued – turtles named Joyce and Nora (yup…like James & Nora Joyce!).

Cristina likes history and hates maths – just like myself – loves reading and maybe, one day, will write her own major bestseller! She also happens to be the one that knows more about styling food and food photography. 

If you would like to contact us with any questions, comments, requests or anything mad, please do so by emailing us at [email protected] .

We would love to hear from you! So please, do not hesitate dropping us a line also on FacebookTwitter or Pinterest.

Thank you so much for your support and for reading our blog!

Simona & Cristina xx