Whether you believe in yourself, or the others, or nothing, I surely have a few blogs I keep looking at. Not even talking about books. Or such. I love blogs, as much as I love eating and drinking.

This is a – always growing – list of blogs, books, places and people who inspire me daily. Whether they cook, or they DIY, or they simply are part of my life in some ways. If you happen to be in this list, well, thank you! You are always an inspiration in some ways, and I love what you do. Maybe not everything, but you are definitely a good bit. If you are not on the list, well, it does not mean you are not good, or inspirational. It’s probably just because I do not know you – which is totally a shame! – so leave a link on the comments and let me have a look!

There you go, a list for you.


Many more could be in here, as I said, it’s just a matter of thinking about them. The most interesting blogs to me are these at the moment.


When you leave me alone in a book shop, take my card with you. You should never leave me. Totally. Fred now knows, after a magical shopping spree at Foyles in Charing Cross Road, which happens to be my favourite one in the whole city of London.

  • Jamie’s America – Jamie Oliver {we make the best fried chicken ever, thanks to this!}
  • Polpo: A Venetian Cookbook (of sorts) – Russell Norman {I simply adore the book, plus it’s a way to discover some recipes from the place I lived and the other lady – Freddie – is from!}
  • Huckleberry – Zoe Nathan {pure american stuff, if you know what I mean}
  • First Prize Pies – Allison Kave {my favourite one-theme book, absolutely the best pies you can even think of, still haven’t tried them all but pretty amazing already}
  • How to be a Domestic Goddess – Nigella Lawson {weirdly enough, I couldn’t stand her. Then I bought this book. I fell in love with her.}
  • The Kinfolk Table – Nathan Williams {not my usual cup of tea, of course, but most of the recipes – and stories – in this book are magical}
  • Bread, Cake, Doughnut, Pudding – Justin Gellatly {he was head baker and pastry chef at St John for years, now he runs Bread Ahead in Borough Market, essentially a must have}
  • The Boy Who Bakes – Edd Kimber {he won GBBO in 2010, this is his first book, the recipes are easy and nice}
  • Patisserie Made Simple – Edd Kimber {the second book, all french patisserie at its finest}
  • Paris Pastry Club – Fanny Zanotti 
  • Homemade Decadence – Joy Wilson {I tend not to like books from bloggers, but this one is a really lovely one, I love the pictures – and the recipes!}
  • Jamie’s Comfort Food – Jamie Oliver {the things you’ll find in here…}
  • The Violet Bakery Cookbook – Claire Ptak


I use Instagram a lot – I even have two profiles! – and tend to follow too many people. Here’s a few.

  • @clerkenwellboyec1 (here)
  • @gizzierskine (here)
  • @a_gipsy_in_the_kitchen (here)
  • @thelavenderbakery (here)
  • @katherine_sabbath (here)
  • @theboywhobakes (here)
  • @johnwhaitebakes (here)
  • @gwynethmademedoit (here)
  • @miiichefame (here)



Many more to be added…



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